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Cindy Howard

emurphy - Final project

Art in Life

I enjoy finding elements of art in objects in the world around us.  Through focusing in on lines, colors, and contrast, a whole new picture can evolve. 

In my final project, I integrated these elements with things that have personal importance to me.

Fishing Dustin Stutsman

            Fishing for some people is simply just a hobby. Something to do when there is nothing else to do on a weekend. For me fishing is more than a hobby. To me fishing is a getaway from the daily grind of life. It does not matter where I’m fishing, or what I’m fishing for. The only thing that matters to me is getting out with my fishing pole and tackle box, getting my line in the water, and having my stress disappear like my lure under the water.


H. Ashton 



Open Mic Night





Pitt Stop Pub Mishawaka 8-12am

Host: Ed Sullivan


Anchor Inn South Bend 9-1 am





McCormick’s Coney Island South Bend 10-3 am

Host: Quinn Young




The Backstage Grille South Bend 10-2 am

Host: Fabian Gutezman




The Phoenix Mishawaka 9-1am


Cheers South Bend 10-2 am

Host: Joe Feingold




Hoosier Tap and Grille South Bend 10-2 am





“Open Mic isn’t about being the best, not about trying to make it big, it’s just about doing it.”



H. Ashton

Final Assignment

Final Assignment J. Nunemaker

My two nephews and four nieces are some of the most important people in my life.  They bring me so much joy and happiness.  We all love to spend time together whether it is at the oldest kid’s baseball games or playing together in the backyard.  I chose these shots of each one individually to show their individual personalities better.  They are fairly close in ages, but have such different personalities that it makes every moment I have with them lots of fun!  I so look forward to watching them grow up, mature in personalities and spending more quality time together!

One night, during a game of Dungeons and Dragons…

            Three of the four members of the Blue Fang Adventuring Group sit at their favorite tavern, The Copper Hare, and enjoy food and drink while playing a game of Three Dragon Ante. Sunlight creeps into the windows and pipe smoke rises to the rafters; from which cast iron chandeliers hang providing extra light. Morgahn the dwarf, clad in his heavy armor, points an accusing finger at Titus, the human rogue; accusing him of tampering with the cards. Tangaila, the elven wizard, rolls her eyes as the two exchange insults and accusations. She, who has been locked in at second stack for almost the entire duration of the game, has had enough and decides that she is going to go visit their fourth companion, Sir Greystone the Pious, at the Keeps’ medical barracks.

            Suddenly a man runs into the tavern, breaking the mood, and shouts “DRAGON!!! A DRAGON AT THE KEEP!!!” The trio immediately spring up, gathering their weapons and preparing for the fight. They step out onto the streets as commoners speed away in panic and the town guards try to keep order as their comrades battle the beast in the skies ahead, breathing fire down upon the Keep. The monstrosity has blood red scales plating its entire body and its teeth look as large as daggers. It claws stone away from the walls of the structure which is almost entirely already consumed by its flames. The adventurers push through the crowd and towards certain danger. The dragon breaths out another burst of flames when Titus looks at Morgahn and says “I bet you wish that you would have gotten your shield enchanted against fire now, instead of lightning!” Before Morgahn can retort Tangaila points to the action and says “We must hurry, the fire has caused the integrity of the tower to fail, it will soon fall on the medical barracks!”

            They get up to the Keep and the three split up. Morgahn stands in the middle of the vacant street readying his crossbow. Tangaila runs to the top of a nearby building and hides on the opposite side of the roof, so the beast cannot see her. She studies her foe, trying to recall her lessons on dragons at the Academy, “What is it’s weakness?” she asks herself. Titus confidently strolls into the burning structure that was once the Keeps walls, preparing a sneak attack. Morgahn, seeing that the others are in position, fires a bolt at the dragon. The bolt makes a loud whistling noise as it flies through the air and sticks into the dragons arm. The monster turns and sees the dwarf standing in the empty street. It releases its talons from the wall and descends towards him.

            As it plummets towards the dwarf, Titus springs from the wall and grabs onto one of the beast’s arm. He manages to stab one of his shortswords into its soft belly before it flings him to the ground. He tumbles gracefully as he lands. The dragon continues on its collision course with Morgahn. He digs his dwarven heels into the dirt and brings his shield to bear, standing stalwartly. The dragon lets out another fiery burst and Morgahn lowers himself behind his shield, most of the flames go over his head, but some wrap around and singe his thick black beard. There is a loud boom and a gust of wind as the dragon finally lands, with all its strength and momentum it takes a mighty blow with one of its front claws and knocks the dwarf back several feet. His heels dig up mounds of dirt as he attempts to keep steady. He draws his axe and prepares to charge the dragon.

            Meanwhile, Tangaila remembers that Red Dragons are weak against cold attacks, but because of the fiery inferno burning behind her she cannot conjure the ice necessary for a spell. She studies her spellbook and decides to fire a lightning bolt at its back. The bolt has a direct hit, but the dragon’s scales seem to shield it. It turns to her and breaths flames around the base of the building she was on top of, trapping her. While it has its head turned and its neck prone, Morgahn moves forward and buries his axe into its soft skin. The dragon roars in pain and then picks the dwarf up in its maw. Morgahn was fortunate enough to get his shield into position between his chest and the top fangs, but some of the bottom fangs are digging into his skin between the plates of his armor. The dragon beats its wings and begins to take flight.

            The smoke begins to choke the elven wizards when a grappling hook lands at her feet and anchors into the roof. She looks down to see Titus at the base. She hastily slides down the rope and back onto the ground. Titus looks at her and says “Do something about the dragon, I am going to the medical barracks” and with that he is off. She studies the dragon from the ground. Morgahns stuby dwarven feet are sticking out of one side of its mouth and he is bellowing profanities in dwarven as the dragon takes a swooping turn to go back to the Keep. Then she see it, the shortsword sticking out of the bottom of the dragons chest, maybe if she can hit it with a lightning bolt she can stop its heart. It is her only shot. As it starts to pick up speed she musters her arcane power and unleashes another bolt at the beast. A direct hit! It seizes and then all of its muscles release, including its jaws. Morgahn hits the ground hard and rolls for a bit. The dragon lands slightly ahead of him on its head.

It kicks up debris as it slides along the cobble street; then halts at Tangaila’s feet. She rushes around to check on Morgahn. He stretches out his arm so that she can help him up. Once on his feet he beats his shield and grinning says “It’s a good thing I got that lightning enchantment after all.” The two turn back to the Keep to see Titus helping Sir Greystone out of the burning keep, accompanied by the town guard and other evacuees.